• La Playuela Beach - Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico

    Best Beach Town

    Cabo Rojo is a town for beach lovers with unique settings and the best Blue Flag beach in the main island of Puerto Rico.

  • Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico Sunset

    Colorful Romantic Sunsets

    Everyday of the week there's a work or art in the sky at sunset, it's the perfect ending to a fun filled day. Cabo Rojo undeniably offers the best sunsets in Puerto Rico.

Welcome to Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico Vacation GuideCabo Rojo is a municipality of Puerto Rico situated on the south west corner of the island; about 2.45 minutes from the capital city of San Juan.  Cabo Rojo is well known by locals but for tourists it offers an authentic beach town experience.

Due to it’s large wildlife reserve many areas are still very green and free of development which makes it a great place to relax.  Visitors will find plenty of sand without crowds, beaches with turquoise waters surrounded by nature, great hiking trails, nature reserves to explore and many nearby attractions and things to do in neighboring towns.

The colorful, restored and clean “Pueblo of Cabo Rojo” (town) has a traditional feeling where you still see people walking around the plaza having coffee and talking with friends, playing dominoes, and going shopping in family owned stores.

Cabo Rojo’s slogan is “The Capital of Tourism”. Locals love Cabo Rojo for its great beaches, fresh seafood daily at family owned affordable restaurants, golf, marinas, shopping, a natural reserve with educational attractions for the whole family, offshore islands to explore , and many nearby attractions in neighboring towns of Lajas and Guanica making Cabo Rojo a desirable location to vacation and retire. Caborrojeños (locals) are warm, friendly, and helpful, you’ll feel right at home here.

Sunset in Joyuda / Atardecer en Joyuda, Cabo Rojo, Puerto RicoMost tourists are attracted to the east coast of Puerto Rico and metro area due to the diverse options of hotel and resort options. The west coast of Puerto Rico offers a more authentic island feel and Cabo Rojo is a great central location to explore all the attractions and things to do that this region has to offer.  High tourism season is actually during the summer months here in Cabo Rojo, this town mostly gets local tourists, making Cabo Rojo and Porta del Sol region a nice escape for relaxation and fun without crowds in the winter months.  Cabo Rojo is the perfect destination for those that want less crowded beaches and local flavor.