About Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico


The original name of Cabo Rojo was Los Cabos Rojos, Tierras de Los Morillos. Cabo Rojo is known as “El Pueblo de Cofresí”. Cabo Rojo was founded in 1771 by Nicolás Ramírez de Arellano who was also Cabo Rojo’s first mayor.  Cabo Rojo is known among Puerto Ricans as “The Capital of Tourism”. We call it that because Cabo Rojo possesses various of the most beautiful beaches on the island and Puerto Ricans consider Cabo Rojo as a great place for on-island tourism. Cabo Rojo is a great town to unwind, and escape from the metropolitan area, have fun and to savor fresh seafood from the many family owned restaurants in the area.

Map of Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico
  • Escudo de Cabo Rojo Puerto RicoMAYOR OF CABO ROJO: Hon. Roberto (Bobby) Ramírez Kurtz
  • POPULATION: About 47,000 residents
  • LOCALS ARE CALLED: Caborrojeños
  • CURRENCY: U.S. Dollars.
  • LANGUAGE: Spanish is the preferred language by caborrojeños (locals) but many locals around tourist areas speak English.
  • TEMPERATURE: Average of 79-82 F.
  • ELECTRIC: Current is 110 volts AC, same as the United States.
  • TOURISM INFORMATION OFFICE: Muñoz Rivera Street, Ruiz Rivera #43, La Campana Building Tel. (787) 255-1560

What’s in the name?

Just in case you are wondering:

  • The word “Cabo” means (the corner or end part of land) Cabo Rojo is located at the southwest corner of the island of Puerto Rico.
  • The word “Rojo” simply means the color red.

Why was this pueblo (town) called Cabo Rojo. Well, there are two theories (actually three, I (the editor) have my own).

  • The first one is that it was named red for the red color of the “morrilos” the rocks in the area of the Lighthouse.

  • The second theory is that it was named Rojo after the red color of the water in the salt flats.

  • Editor’s Theory: It was named Cabo Rojo because of the reddish tones of the breathtaking sunsets in Cabo Rojo, sunsets like no other on the island.

Small towns in Cabo Rojo