Attractions in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

You may not have heard of Cabo Rojo, a picturesque town located in the Southwest corner of the island of Puerto Rico but if you ask island residents and previous visitors they’ll surely will tell you how much they love Cabo Rojo.

Attractions in Cabo Rojo, Porta del Sol, Puerto Rico

Cabo Rojo is home to amazing beach coves including a Blue Flag Beach, Los Morrillos Lighthouse natural park undeniably the most scenic attraction on the island, 587 acres of subtropical dry forest, natural arches, educational attractions for the whole family such as the Salt Flats, caves that Real Pirates of the Caribbean used as hideouts, many activities for eco travelers and adventure seekers, marinas, the best fishing on the island, the freshest seafood, warm colorful sunsets and super friendly locals.

Driving around Cabo Rojo is part of the adventure as you will pass forests, lush vegetation, and scenic ocean vistas. The nearby island of Isla de Mona 12 offers excellent scuba diving and snorkeling, 12 cave exploring, and unforgettable camping experiences. Cabo Rojo is the perfect destination for those that would like a little more relaxation, less crowded beaches, local flavor, and convenience travel.12

You’ll be surprised with all the fun things you can do on the town of Cabo Rojo alone; on top of what Cabo Rojo has to offer, just minutes away you can visit the nearby pueblos (towns) of Porta del Sol such as Rincon, Lajas, San German, Guanica and Mayaguez with a great variety of beaches and interesting attractions for the whole family with modern amenities like shopping centers, hospitals, great supermarkets and all the services you would need during your stay.


Beaches of Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico / Porta del Sol Cabo Rojo is uniquely located on the very corner of the south west of Puerto Rico blessing this town with long miles of coastline. One of the beaches has been featured numerous times as the pretties and unique on the island of Puerto Rico 12and the Caribbean.  More about the beaches of Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

Los Morillos Lighthouse

Los Morillos Lighthouse / El Faro - Cabo Rojo, Puerto RicoFaro Los Morrillos, a functional lighthouse with impressive majestic sights. Enjoy breathtaking views of reddish limestone cliffs, natural bridges, the salt flats, a bird sanctuary, natural bridges and the most beautiful beach on the island. See photos of Los Morillos Lighthouse in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico.

The Salt Flats – “Las Salinas”

Salt Flats / Las Salinas - Observatory / Observatorio - Cabo Rojo, PRThis attraction is surely worth a stop, the scenery is beautiful and an educational opportunity to see how salt is collected. Las Salinas has been functioning since 1525 and it’s a great educational attraction for tourists, students and the general public. Tours available. More information and photos of Las Salinas in Cabo Rojo

Isla Ratones

isla Ratones Sunset - Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico Isla Ratones is a little gem in Cabo Rojo for beach lovers, good snorkeling and right across of the Joyuda strip where most seafood family restaurants are located. You can get to the island on a short boat ride from Joyuda. More about Isla Ratones

Isla de Mona – The Galapagos of the Caribbean

Isla de Mona, Cabo Rojo, Puerto RicoThis natural reserve is an uninhabited island offering Amazing scuba and snorkeling experiences with live coral and a great variety of colorful tropical fish. The caves inside the island are a dream and filled with natural works of art to amaze you. Experience what it would feel like being on a remote island. Beautiful beaches, cave exploration, great deep sea fishing and more await at Isla de Mona. More about Mona Island, Puerto Rico

Natural Bridge & Arches of Cabo Rojo

Natural Bridges of Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico - A scenic attractionMagnificent Natural Works of Art and Impressive sights of Reddish Limestone Cliffs are a must see during your stay in Cabo Rojo. More about natural arch in Cabo Rojo

Caves – Explore the Hideouts of Real Pirates of the Caribbean

Isla de Mona - Caves / Cavernas - Puerto Rico IslandGo for a treasure hunt in Cabo Rojo and go hiking on the search for caves where Real Pirates of the Caribbean like Roberto Cofresi used as hideouts. Come to Cabo Rojo and have fun discovering and exploring these caves, you may just find the hidden treasures. Kids will love the experience. 

La Plaza – “Where Good Friends Meet”

Plaza of Cabo Rojo, Puerto RicoWonderful memories are made in “La Plaza”. The simplicity of life, innocence and friendship can be seen even on today’s modern and fast paced life right on the center of the city of Cabo Rojo. If you are a visitor, come to the Plaza at night after a day of adventure, you’ll learn much about the Puerto Rican culture during your visit here. More information and photos about the beautiful plaza of Cabo Rojo, PR.


Sunset in Joyuda, Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico / Porta del Sol Typically sunsets are not considered an attraction on most vacation destinations, but in Cabo Rojo and the rest of Porta del Sol sunsets certainly are a big event. Each day a different colorful work of art on the skies reflecting on the gorgeous Caribbean Sea giving you the perfect ending to an amazing day in sunny and friendly Cabo Rojo. See a few photos and videos of sunsets in Cabo Rojo

Boqueron State Forest

Refugio Area Silvestre - Boqueron, Cabo Rojo, Puerto RicoThe U.S. Fish & Wildlife Refuge established in 1974 maintains 587 acres of subtropical dry forest. Enjoy hiking, bird watching and learning about the flora and natural resources of this enchanting place. Don’t forget your camera!! Tours available for tourists, school groups and the general public. More about Boqueron State Forest

Nearby Attractions

You’ll easily have something new to do and explore in Cabo Rojo, but if that’s not enough, there are many other attractions and places of interest to keep you busy and having fun during your visit.

Following we list our favorite nearby attractions in Porta del Sol, Puerto Rico (the west coast of the island)

Gilligan’s Island – You’ll want to spend a day at this mangrove small island with amazingly clear waters with very healthy ecosystem perfect for snorkelers and children for it’s shallow waters. A truly relaxing place in the town of Guanica. More about Gilligan’s Island

Mata de Gata Island in Lajas – A short drive will get you to La Parguera Nature v  Reserve – a group of small islands, mangrove channels and cays great for snorkeling, scuba diving and picnicking.

San German and Porta Coeli Church – If you didn’t get to San Juan (the old city), you’ll get a little taste of the architecture and narrow streets of San Juan in San German, the second oldest establishment in Puerto Rico. The oldest church in the Americas is housed in San German, a very elegant and colorful town. More about San German

Zoo in Mayaguez – If you have children, take a break from the beach and head to Mayaguez. You can also get some shopping done at the Mayaguez Mall and get an All-American Dinner if you miss it at the many restaurants on the Mall area. More about the zoo in Mayaguez.

Caverna de Camuy – Although about two hours away and not part of the west coast, it’s an amazing sight and I guarantee you well worth the drive. Caverna de Camuy

San Juan Puerto Rico

San Juan Attractions – The best starting point to any Puerto Rico vacation should be the capital city of San Juan, Puerto Rico.  Old San Juan’s National Historic District is 5 centuries old featuring the forts of San Juan National Historic site, scenic walkways, religious attractions, castles, parks and plazas and so much more.  New San Juan features great city beaches as the main attraction. You can stay at San Juan’s luxury and budget friendly beachfront resorts and hotels right in Condado, Ocean Park and Isla Verde.  Spend at least 2 – 3 days in San Juan then head over to the west for a laid back island vibe.

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