Faro Los Morrillos… The Most Scenic & Breathtaking Natural Attraction in Puerto Rico

Faro Los Morillos / Los Morillos Lighthouse - Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

Visit this elegant working lighthouse with mesmerizing 360 degree views of Caribbean waters, 200 feet tall limestone cliffs, natural bridges

, the most beautiful beach cove in Puerto Rico, green lush dry tropical flora, a wildlife refuge, salt flats and mountains. No other place in Puerto Rico offers such views with unsurpassed beauty.

El Faro Los Morrillos was built in 1882 by the Spanish and ever since it has been a guide for ships to navigate safely through the Mona Passage.

In 2002 a three million dollar restoration was initiated, and in 2007 it was re-opened to the public. The lighthouse is painted in the original historical colors of gray and white trim.

Cabo Rojo's LIghthouse

Los Morrillos Lightouse / Faro - Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico / Caribbean

Interior of the Lighthouse, Cabo Rojo

The interior of the lighthouse often serves as an art gallery, it’s very well cared for and elegant and there’s a friendly attendant ready to welcome you and answer your questions.

Faro de Cabo Rojo, PR

Sit down and relax, enjoy the views.

Escaleras en El Faro Los Morrillos / Stairway at the Lighthouse - Cabo Rojo, PR

A beautiful cast-iron spiral staircase leads up the hexagonal tower. The tower has two windows that face south towards the sea, and one door located partway up the tower where you are able to go out and admire the breathtaking views.


Views to Playa Sucia - Vista a Playa Sucia - Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

From the top enjoy Amazing views of Playa Sucia

As you head outside, be prepared to be amazed by the views.  Although Faro Los Morrillos is the main attraction, the magnificent views of limestone cliffs with reddish tones and turquoise Caribbean waters are an attraction on their own. Bring plenty of water so you can spend some time admiring the views.

Limestone Cliffs in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

Caution: Please don’t get near the edge, there are no guard rails, so keep your children with you at ALL times.

Faro Los Morrillos Map

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While you’re here, make sure you take a short walk to the natural bridge, it’s indescribable how beautiful it’s there.

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