Natural Bridges & Works of Art
Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

Natural Arch - A Great Sightseeing Attraction in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has it all and in Cabo Rojo you’ll find interesting natural works of art formed by wind, water and rock.

The small but beautiful natural bridge is part of a gorgeous landscape of red limestone, a beach cove fit for a pirate and lush dry tropical flora.  Come to Cabo Rojo and enjoy the unique tropical experiences and beauty of the west in Porta del Sol, Puerto Rico.

Natural Arch - A Great Sightseeing Attraction in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

To get here, visit the elegant Los Morrillos Lighthouse, and go for a walk along the cliffs. If you are facing the water, follow the bicycle trail to your right. It’s an easy short walk there or bring your bicycle if you’re in good shape, it’s a fun trail.

Cycling / Hiking Trail leading to the Natural Arch - Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

If you keep walking you’ll find more amazing small beach coves, the one below is very beautiful up close with crystal clear waters, more natural arches and small caves. If you walk down you’ll be able to appreciate up close the deep tones of limestone which gave the name to Cabo “Rojo”. The sands are soft and have a deep golden sand, but if unless you’re a very good swimmer don’t attempt swimming here, the waters get deep quick and the waves may look innocent but they’re strong.  This is a place to sit at the edge of a rock and simply admire the beauty of this place, the moments here will feel like a gift in time.

Beautiful Cove in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

Great spot for honeymooners and people in love, most likely you’ll have this place to yourself. If you have good walking shoes you can can keep walking down, the views and natural finds are one of a kind.

Natural Works of Art - Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

Walking back and heading east of the lighthouse, the views continue with more cool rock formations and the stunning view of Playa Sucia.

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If you love photography, bring your camera, there’s many spots here. We won’t show them all to you, we’ll leave you curious so you visit and come for the hunt of natural treasures.

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