During the early 19th century, Boqueron was home to Roberto Cofresi, a Real Pirate of the Caribbean. Today this town is known as a popular beach town with the best blue flag beach on the island.  As as visitor you can also enjoy the Boqueron Wildlife Refuge and nearby fun things to do for the whole family. Most tour operators are located in Boqueron, excellent scuba diving, fishing and other water sports are available.  Along the coast of the bay is a marina, condominiums, hotels, small local restaurants, a few stores with souvenirs and food stores. As you drive into the poblado (small town) you can take a walk into the Boqueron Dry Forest.

Boqueron Bay Beach - Blue Flag Beach, Boqueron, Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

When the sun begins to set, the sunset show begins, locals and visitors head into the small town to savor the freshest oysters and clams sold by local vendors. People walk around to eat and share good times with friends and family. There are some nice restaurants in Boqueron so come on over for a nice meal. Boqueron gets loud and crowded over spring break, summer weekends and holidays.

Fresh Oysters at Boqueron, Cabo Rojo, Porta del Sol, Puerto Rico

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