Airport Guide, Planning Tips and Driving to the west region

Airport & Flights Options

Booking a vacation to the west coast region (Porta del Sol) is easy and convenient, you can have various airport options:

  • If you fly into the San Juan International Airport, you may rent a car right at the airport and drive west, with traffic it should take you about 2 hours and 45 minutes depending on traffic. See map with directions below.

Things to Know & Tips

Some of the flights arrive early am hours to Aguadilla Airport and if you haven’t been to Puerto Rico you may feel a bit uneasy about traveling to your hotel at that time. If you don’t know the area or are traveling with children we recommend the following options:

  • Book a 1 night stay at the Courtyard Aguadilla on the day of your arrival, call the hotel shuttle to pick you up at the airport, get some rest, have a nice breakfast, check out, have the hotel shuttle take you back to the airport where you can pick up your car rental and then drive to your hotel destination, on the west coast we recommend you stay at a hotel in Rincon, Cabo Rojo or Guanica, great locations for beaches and nearby attractions.
  • If you’re staying in a vacation rental or hotel in a nearby town, ask the manager about transportation services.

A great benefit about traveling at night is not wasting an entire day traveling, you wake up rested and ready to start your vacation.

Driving to the West Coast Region

Puerto Rico has modern highways with well marked roads, driving to the west coast is easy and you’ll enjoy the scenic journey.

If you are heading to the northwest coast of the island, for example the town of Rincon, a popular vacation destination your trip will take about 2 hours more or less depending on traffic, see map below

If you’re heading to the southwest coast of the island like the popular towns of Guanica or Cabo Rojo, your trip will be about 2 hours and 30 minutes in regular traffic, see map below.

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