Every municipality in Puerto Rico has a plaza, but from all the towns I have visited, the plaza of Cabo Rojoseems to have a uniquely warm feeling.  The Plaza is the center of history, the home of the “fiestas patronales”, music, traditions, yummy sweets, shopping, piraguas and where you’ll sense the warmth of Caborrojenos.

Plaza de Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

During the day you’ll see local business owners and students in their uniforms walking around during lunch, locals shopping around the many local stores, fervent catholics walking in and out of the church, and at night a more relaxed feel with couples in love walking around holding hands, children playing and of course the game of dominos that never stops.

If you live in a city or community where the hustle and bustle is a way of life, you’ll come to the realization that slowing down and enjoying the simple things can be fun, memorable and deeply enriching. In Cabo Rojo getting together with family over a cup of coffee, looking at the stars, taking a walk, playing dominos; riding your bike, having a conversation and laughing out loud are a way of life; all of this is evident when you visit La Plaza.

Points of Historical Interest

Ramon Emeterio Betances Monument: A small monument sits at the center of the plaza Ramon Emeterio Betances. Betances was a medical doctor who is recognized for the fight of the independence and abolishing of slavery in Puerto Rico. Ramon Emeterio Betances gave liberty to children who were slaves that were brought to the church to be baptized. The ashes of Betances are in this monument and the plaza was named after him.

Salvador Brau Asencio - Cabo Rojo, Puerto RicoSalvador Brau Monument:(1842 – 1912) Salvador Brau was named the Chronologist of Puerto Rico. He was a poet, historian, and sociologist and journalist. He published the “La Historia de Puerto Rico” (The History of Puerto Rico in 1904. Salvador Brau was born in Cabo Rojo in 1842. Nació en Cabo Rojo en el 1842. This monument is among the tallest in Puerto Rico.   

Obelisco - Cabo Rojo, Puerto RicoObelisco:  This monument is one of the first ever constructed in the major Antilles which was dedicated to the founders of Cabo Rojo.

 Iglesia San Miguel Arcángel: (photo below)

Since the Spanish brought Catholism to the island, you’ll find a catholic church at the plaza of every municipality of Puerto Rico. This church took about 10 years to be constructed and it was finished by 1783. In front of this church Ramon Emeterio Betances gave liberty to children who were slaves. The prices for the slaves were 25 pesos, once baptized the cost for the slaves were doubled at 50 pesos. The church was just renovated and it’s a really beautiful building.[divider]

Iglesia San Miguel Arcangel, Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

[divider] Town kids come to ride their bikes and pretend to be a star in front of their friends at the stage and that’s a fun event to watch.

Abuelitos (grandpas) let hours fly by playing dominoes as they tell stories of times gone by.

[divider] Come to the cafe for great coffee, refreshments, treats and more.

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