If you’re an Eco Traveler, enjoy scenery, the sounds of birds, cliffs, pebble stones, mangroves, manatees, forests, and fishing in absolute quiet then you must visit Punta Pitahaya, part of the Boqueron State Forest in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico. If you love to kayak, this is a great place to bring your gear and explore. The waters are calm in this area making it a relaxing adventure.

Punta Pitahaya Nature Area - Cabo Rojo, Porta del Sol, Puerto Rico

Once you get to the end you can either make a left which will take you to the entrance of Boqueron State Forest or make a right towards the beach cove and manatee area.

We’ll start exploring driving to the right, you can only go so far with your vehicle then you’ll have to go on foot to walk down the shore.

The first beach cove you’ll find is shallow, the bottom is pebble stones and the water is clear framed by mangroves creating the perfect environment for underwater creatures and a relaxing snorkeling experience without crowds.

Punta Pitahaya Nature Area - Cabo Rojo, Porta del Sol, Puerto Rico

How to Get Here: Take Route 301 to Route 303 (you’ll see a sign for Las Cuevas and Lajas) and then make a right on Road 302 and take that road all the way to the end. The signs leading to this place say “Las Cuevas” (The Caves), and we are doing some investigating as to why. If you read below we think we figured it out.

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The scenery on the way to “Las Cuevas” or Punta Pitahaya has a unique look compared to the rest of the Cabo Rojoarea with farms, open fields with lush cactus gardens and very few scattered homes.

Las Cuevas is not a popular spot for beach lovers so you’ll most likely have this coast all to yourself. If you love to take walks on the beach, this is a great spot to do it. Walk on golden brown sand with pebble stones and some touches of black sand that sparkle with the sun.

A nice beach for walking in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

Tree Branches at the Shore in Cabo Rojo, Porta del Sol, Puerto Rico

As you walk, you’ll get to cliffs which you can easily climb and continue your exploration. On the distance you can see Los Morillos Lighthouse and if you want to stay longer, enjoy a warm colorful sunset and the sounds of the Caribbean Sea washing against the rocks.

Las Cuevas, Cabo Rojo, Porta del Sol, Puerto Rico

If you walk down from the cliffs on the water, you’ll find various formations of caves which is my guess as to why this area is called “Las Cuevas”.

Caves at Limestone Rocks - Cabo Rojo, Porta del Sol, Puerto Rico

This place is very serene, quiet and perfect to sit down with your loved one, admire the Caribbean Sea and marvel at the beauty surrounding you.

Las Cuevas, Boqueron, Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

Las Cuevas Beach, Cabo Rojo, Porta del Sol, Puerto Rico

As you walk back you can stop by this spot below which is the home to manatees, please don’t throw trash and respect our beautiful natural resources.

Eco Travel Attractions - Manatee Reserve, Cabo Rojo, Puerto RIco

If you want to continue your exploration, head into the Boqueron State Forest – Punta Pitahaya where you can admire a great variety of dry tropical flora, mangroves, watch birds and be completely immersed in nothing more than a dry tropical dense jungle. No motorcycles, horses or camping is allowed.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our beautiful Cabo Rojo. You’ll be visiting one of the best kept secrets of Puerto Rico that only locals get to enjoy.

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